Your crowd
has a voice

Audience interaction goes through the roof when the crowd can connect with your event or meeting. Crowd Mics uses the audience’s phones as wireless mics! Features like text commenting and live polling let everyone engage.


Quick Look at crowd mics 

Voice, text. poll. Your audience has a voice and now they can be heard using the device in their pocket!

Give your crowd a voice. They’ll love it!

The crowd’s voice is heard...they feel a real connection to the event/meeting...interaction skyrockets...you are the hero and we smile! Fill out the form and we’ll get you started.

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audience Interaction... 4x

“Please turn off all electronic devices...” Good luck with that in 2015! Boost audience engagement by 4x using the phone you know they will have in their hands. They love having a voice, therefore, they love the event/meeting, therefore, they love you, therefore, you are happy. We love to make people happy!



The audience can talk into their phone and be heard over the sound system! Mind blown!



Not everyone loves to hear themselves talk. Let them text a question or comment.



Live polling gives the presenter a quick pulse on the crowd. The audience participates anonymously.

Raw and in action

Check out a raw video of Crowd Mics in action at a recent event.


You will find How To videos for presenters and crowd members, adapters for any audio input, and Frequently Asked Questions. You can always reach out by email at support@crowdmics.com, call 480-725-7255 or on Twitter @crowdmics.

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our prices

All licenses are for UNLIMITED use of Crowd Mics, meaning you can fire up as many meetings as you want during the week. And you’ll get all Crowd Mics features, every time.

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Up to 5 participants
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Up to 200 Participants
We’re always here to provide a helping hand!
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Sit back and blow minds! 

License, networking and on-site support
We’ll handle everything

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Take it up a notch!

Custom package for your organization
Perfect for medium to large organisations
Even Larger

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Go all out!
300+ Participants

Custom package for your organization along with all the features provided in our other models

We’re not worried about showing you the pricing or working with larger groups. We just need to chat beforehand so we can devise a setup to best suit your needs

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Participant = number of people who use the free Crowd Mics app to connect to any given meeting.

Enterprise Package

You do multiple events in multiple locations throughout the year. Let’s be honest, you are a large company and could use the heck out of Crowd Mics. Let’s talk about pricing, setup, training, and best practices.

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Event Package

We highly recommend working with one of our Crowd Mics Authorized Partners (CMAP) at your first event. They provide support with setup, networking, presenter training, AV/IT coordination, registration support, attendee app troubleshooting, and on-site support. Pricing will depend on the scope of your event.

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Academic and Non-Profit Organizations

Crowd Mics is committed to giving back in our own way; by letting the crowd be heard at your events and classrooms. Contact Us.

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meet the team

We’re co-founders, blood brothers and really into building the microphone for the people! Our awesome team is growing, so reach out to us if you are awesome!

Sean Holladay

co-founder, CCO


Tim Holladay

co-founder, CEO


become a partner

Apply to become a Crowd Mics Authorized Partner (CMAP) and you can offer Crowd Mics to your clients. CMAP’s help sell and support Crowd Mics. Referral partners get rewarded for sharing Crowd Mics with their networks. Please fill out the form below to get started.

What You Get

- Partner pricing for Crowd Mics (no membership fees)
- Access to detailed FAQ’s, support docs and Specs
- Updates on Crowd Mics progress and development

What We Expect

- Actively look for events where Crowd Mics could benefit your clients
- First level support at meetings and events
- Feedback about Crowd Mics at your events


What is a CMAP?

You want to offer an innovative product to your clients. You are also running a business. As a CMAP you can resell Crowd Mics to your clients. We give you enough “room” in the pricing to create a revenue stream plus offer an awesome crowd interaction tool to your clients.

Can I talk to someone before filling out the form?

Always! Contact us directly at help@crowdmics.com, 480-725-7255, or @crowdmics on Twitter. 

How does a company get authorized?

Fill out the form and we’ll start the process. Companies are trained to use Crowd Mics at live events and have access to resell Crowd Mics to their clients.

What does it cost to become a CMAP?

Nothing! Just a little time. No membership fees.

How long does it take to get authorized?

Not long at all. We try to be very responsive.

our blog

The latest thoughts on audience engagement and the event/meetings industry (plus some Crowd Mics love).


What if we did’t try so hard?

Mar 5, 2015

What if we stopped trying quite so hard with our video content marketing? What if we just told our true stories honestly and simply, and with empathy for the very real problems our customers have?

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Feel free to contact us anytime.

We love to hear how you are using Crowd Mics and welcome your feedback. You can contact us to learn how you can use Crowd Mics for your next event. Catch us on social media, feedback@crowdmics.com or call 480-725-7255.