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Crowd Mics

Frequently asked questions


What do I need to buy to make Crowd Mics work?

There are three components to Crowd Mics: the attendee app, moderator app, and the ATOM. Both apps are free and can be downloaded from the Apple and Google app stores. However, you must purchase an ATOM.

How much does Crowd Mics cost?

The Crowd Mics app is free. The Crowd Mics ATOM needs to be professionally installed. To provide a complete quote for your space, we'll need to ask you a few questions first. Fill out the form here to get started.

How do I buy an ATOM?

Either fill out the form below or contact us and we'll connect you with a dealer in your area.

Is there an annual support contract for receiving software updates?



If I'm renting a venue, do I have to order both wired internet and wireless internet?

Yes. Wi-Fi is required for both the attendee and moderator apps. The ATOM requires wired internet.

How do I start an event?

1. Connect the ATOM to the room's AV system

2. Turn the ATOM on

3. Configure the network settings (See our Network Administrator's Guide for more details)

4. Connect the moderator device to the event Wi-Fi

5. Open the moderator app and select "Create Event"

6. Enter the details for the event and tap Submit - the event starts, and attendees can now join

How do I get attendees to download the app?

You will need to provide links to download the attendee app either prior to the event or at the event itself. Below are links pointing at the attendee apps.



How do I see the results after the meeting?

1. Connect to the ATOM configuration dashboard via a PC on the same subnet with the following URL: https://atom-XXXXXXXXXXXX.local, where the X's represents the ATOM's MAC address and may be found on a label on the underside of the ATOM unit printed above the bar code.
Use the top number above the bar code

2. Tap/click on the Advanced link in the left-hand navigation

3. Tap/click the Download button under ATOM Logs to see the results



What operating systems can the app run on?

iOS and Android.

Is it free?


How do attendees request to speak?

By tapping the Mic icon, which adds them to the moderator's queue. The app tells the user to "Please Wait." Once the moderator selects an attendee, the attendee app indicates it's that user's turn to speak.

Do attendees need to hold down the mic icon in the app when it's their turn to speak?



What operating systems can the app run on?


Is it free?


Can the moderator turn off an attendee's mic at any time?


What types of information can the moderator project to the room displays?

The moderator can share selected questions from participants and poll results with the audience.

Can Crowd Mics work in an autonomous mode that doesn't require a moderator?

No. Attendee microphones must be activated by the moderator in order for attendees to speak.

Does the moderator have to create polls before the event?

No, moderators can create polls either "on the fly" or before an event begins.

Can there be more than one moderator per event?



What audio options are supported by Crowd Mics?

The ATOM has the following audio output options:

• 3.5mm jack (unbalanced)

• Euroblock connector (balanced)

• HDMI embedded


Any combination of these can be used simultaneously.

My audio system only has XLR connectors. Can I still use Crowd Mics?

Yes, but it requires using a 3-pin Euroblock connector to XLR (male) adaptor. See our reference guide for more info.

Why would I want to use the 3.5mm jack?

The 3.5mm jack offers an auxiliary output to most consumer-grade audio equipment. It also allows you to connect headphones directly to the ATOM, which can be helpful for room tuning.

How do you control audio output levels?

Connect to the ATOM configuration dashboard via a PC on the same subnet with the following URL: https://atom-XXXXXXXXXXXX.local, where the X's represents the ATOM's MAC address and may be found on a label on the underside of the ATOM unit printed above the bar code. You control all audio output levels from this page.
Use the top number above the bar code

What kind of audio latency can I expect?

Smartphone input to audio output is typically around 75ms. Note that wireless network performance, the model of mobile phone used, and additional latency from inline processing of the output signal (from a DSP, for example) will directly impact overall performance.


What types of video connections are supported by Crowd Mics?

The ATOM has two mirrored HDMI connections.

What output video resolutions are supported?

All standard resolutions up to and including 4K30.

Why does the ATOM have two HDMI ports?

Two HDMI ports allow video to be shared to multiple destinations, such as a presentation system and recording application.


See our Network Administrator's Guide for more details. For additional troubleshooting suggestions, check out our online Troubleshooting Guide.

Are there any recommendations for Wi-Fi routers?

A professional WAP/Router is required for Crowd Mics to perform well. Enough WAP capacity should be provided for the number of expected connections at an event. See our Network Administrator's Guide for more details.


How many participants can the ATOM support?

Up to 1000; however, careful consideration must be given to wireless network provisioning for large numbers of users.

How can I monitor the ATOM'S performance?

Crowd Mics can be monitored via the administration web page or by SageVue, Biamp's monitoring and management platform.

Can I use the ATOM with 220/230V?

Yes, the ATOM has a universal power supply and ships with various international plug adapters.

What are the USB ports for?

The USB ports provide optional audio outputs.

Does the ATOM store any personally identifiable information like email addresses, etc.?

No. It only logs data about the event itself, like poll results, text questions, etc.


Do I need to buy a license if I’m just running local events?

No. Licensing is only required to support online events with remote participants.

I want to host an online event and share content with another office that has their own ATOM. Do both ATOMs need a license?

Yes, both ATOMs require a license in this scenario.

Will remote attendees use a different app?

No, all attendees use the same app regardless of their location.

How will remote attendees access the event?

Moderators can invite remote attendees using a pin-code solution.

How do moderators invite remote attendees?

When a moderator schedules an online event in the moderator UI, they can copy the generated event code and email or share the information with remote attendees.

How can a moderator tell whether a participant who has asked to speak is local or remote?

There will be an icon in the moderator interface indicating when a participant is remote.

How will I know when my license will expire?

The Crowd Mics application looks for licenses nearing their expiration date and sends an email notification reminder to users regarding their license status. Users can also review license status in the LMI.

How does Auto-Renew work?

The Auto-Renew feature automatically renews a license without user intervention when its expiration date nears. An email will be sent to the user with the invoice of the renewal request. This is active by default behavior, but the user can opt out at any time.

What is the Auto-Purchase option?

Auto-Purchase automatically attempts to buy a Single Use license when a user attempts to start an Event and no licenses are currently available.

Does Biamp have access to my credit card number?

No. All online transactions are processed by a third-party payment gateway and are encrypted.


Can I use Crowd Mics with Tesira?

Yes! In fact, a custom block for recommended processing on Crowd Mics is available for the processing library in Tesira Software. Check out our support article for more info.

Can I use TesiraLUX with Crowd Mics for video distribution?


How many simultaneous open microphones (NOM) can Crowd Mics support?

Only one attendee microphone will be open at a time.

Can anyone connected to the local WiFi network use their microphone at any given time?

No. First the moderator needs to create an event in their app. Then the attendee must join that event before a speaking request can be sent to the moderator.

Can I broadcast Crowd Mics audio/video streams over the internet?

Yes, if you're comfortable/experienced working with streaming services. A typical application would be a meeting or congress broadcast to remote participants through collaboration software.


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